Former West Ham soccer player makes good on promise to give back!

BELLEVUE, WA – Former West Ham United soccer player, Adam Nowland, is making good on his promise to  give back.

Professional players who play at the highest levels in England are told they have a responsibility to give back to the game that was so generous to them.  Nowland, who is the founder and coaching director for NPSA Premier Soccer Club in Bellevue and a PSPL Surf Academy coach, took this to heart. 

Nowland, 35, launched The NPSA Foundation last summer with a simple mission: Offer the underserved youth in the region access to quality soccer training and competitive games for free. In today’s American youth system of pay-to-play for competitive youth sports, this effort could be viewed as nearly revolutionary, or at the very least, a questionable financial move.

“We want to enable Soccer For All,” Nowland said. “Every child should have the opportunity to good coaching and a quality soccer experience.”

Nowland believes that all young people should have equal access to competitive soccer just like his peers and  teammates in Europe. Through his foundation, Nowland remains passionate about how to help the game move forward in this country. His contribution: Offering a quality recreational based program run by professional coaches that will help any player, male or female, develop the soccer skills so they can enjoy the beautiful game or reach their potential and play for a competitive youth club.

He said he has roughly 500 players now signed up with his foundation, who are meeting once a week for academy-style training and will then form teams to play in the fall recreational league.

Unlike Europe and Latin America, soccer has become an expensive sport in the United States. It requires families to pay in order to play for an established club. While paying for coaching services is a reality in today’s market, this pay-to-play model has greatly limited the number of children who can participate in the game.  The NPSA Foundation offers youth soccer programs to everyone and specifically those families who have been held back by the rising costs of youth sports. 

Nowland is a former professional soccer player in England, who moved to the U.S. shortly after retiring in 2010. He  played for EPL teams, including West Ham United and Nottingham Forest, as part of a 12-year career that included more than 200 appearances and 20 goals in the top leagues in England.

“Creating this Foundation has always been a dream of mine since I started coaching,” said Nowland. “Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and the fastest growing sport in the United States. My goal is to provide all youth with equal opportunity to an academy-style training program that will help develop them not only as players but as people.

“The NPSA Foundation has so far provided a free, professionally coached training program to over 500 players since our inception in fall 2015,” Nowland continued. “We have also provided full scholarships to 20+ players that now compete at the premier youth soccer level.  However, we believe there is so much more we can do to make youth soccer accessible to all.

The NPSA Foundation is a recreational soccer program available to all interested players in the Bellevue, Mercer Island and Renton areas. The rec program is funded completely by donations, personal and corporate. The NPSA Foundation teams will play in the Puget Sound Premier League’s East Puget Sound Rec League for Fall Season 2016. 

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